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It's Hard [ 2LP / RSD2022 ]

The Who

Ref: 00602438944767

$ 1,100.00 MXN

– Agotado
-- It's Hard [ 2LP / RSD2022 / LP1 ]
It's Your Turn
Cooks County
It's Hard
Dangerous 1997 Unedited Remix
Eminence Front
I've Known No War
-- It's Hard [ 2LP / RSD2022 / LP2 ]
One Life's Enough
Cry If You Want
One At A Time
Why Did I Fall For That
A Man Is A Man
Eminence Front Roger Daltrey Vocal
Cry If You Want Unedited Mix
One Life's Enough Pete Townshend Vocal
Dangerous 1997 Unedited Remix